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AACD Education Program

The Arkansas Training and Designation Program has been designed by the Arkansas Assessment Coordination Division (AACD) as directed by Act 48 of 1980. The training consists of both AACD and International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) courses.

IAAO Courses are sponsored by the AACD and offered free to county officials and employees. These courses explore fundamental ad valorem tax appraisal and administration and serve, in combination with the AACD Courses, as a foundation for improving property assessments in Arkansas. AACD courses instruct property assessment employees in the application of state standards and practices and define IAAO standards in the local context.

The AACD Training & Designation program is for those who are in the mass appraisal field, the courses are designed for the Assessor’s County Employees and the Mass Appraisal Contractor Companies who work for the counties in the State of Arkansas.

Contact: Barbara Johnson at for assistance and to submit Admission Applications.

Find Your Local County Official

Have you contacted your local county Assessor with your questions? Most inquiries about your assessment, property record, or notice can be best answered by your local county Assessor. They have the records, local knowledge, and expertise to best answer your questions.