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Mineral Real Estate

Producing Mineral Interests are assessed for Ad Valorem purposes at Market Value in regards to Arkansas Law, Rules and Guidelines as follows in the Guidelines below. Market Value is the price a willing buyer, from the open market, would pay for your Mineral Interest in current prevailing market conditions as of the assessment date, January 1.

Mineral Guidelines

Values provided in these guidelines should be used by all counties and applied to all producing mineral interests in the county each year.

Special Report

This is the final report titled Recommendations for Improvement of Arkansas’
Oil and Gas Assessed Valuations as prepared by Resource Technologies Corporation (RTC) as
required in Professional Services Contract #4600040158.
The report was commissioned as an independent, professional evaluation of our current
processes in determining a fair and equitable valuation of the market value of oil and gas mineral rights as prescribed by the Arkansas Constitution.
This report contains evaluations and recommendations from RTC. No actions or decisions have been made regarding any changes or modifications mentioned in the report.
AACD is continuing to work with county Assessors, Collectors, County Judges, school district
representatives, industry partners, legislators and executive branch staff as to what, if any changes, modifications, or updates may be needed.
AACD will follow all procedures in regards to public meetings if and when any changes to our rules are proposed.
If you have any questions about the report please contact our offices

Find Your Local County Official

Have you contacted your local county Assessor with your questions? Most inquiries about your assessment, property record, or notice can be best answered by your local county Assessor. They have the records, local knowledge, and expertise to best answer your questions.